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Multiple answers in numerical quizzes

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In what situation would I want multiple answers in a numerical answer quiz? Would I need to do that for something like $2000 vs $2,000 or 2000 or 2,000? Or does the numerical choice automatically filter out things like commas and dollar signs?

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I just had a similar question from a faculty member and looked at the document provided. Lots of good information; I wanted to add the cut to the chase answer for others with a similar question.

The student submission only accepts numerical values, and won't let the students enter a $. It also automatically formats things for the students.

In a test quiz, I added 4000.00 as an answer, it automatically put in the comma and stripped out the decimal. So, it submitted as 4,000


I asked these questions at the bottom of the Canvas Guide on the topic and Canvas was really responsive! See the answers here: 

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