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New Issues with SCORM Tracking?

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I am using SCORM packages imported from Articulate Rise and added to Canvas Modules.  Because we also use Catalog, I have to set module requirements in order for Catalog to track course completion.  I am trying to find the best settings to work with these three systems.

These are "self-paced" courses (with no teacher), so I'd also like the requirements to ensure that students actually complete the SCORM "assignments" as much as possible.  Grade passback only seems to work with certain combos of settings.  So far, I've found two combinations that work, or at least they did until very recently. 

1.  Export the Rise course as SCORM 2004, 4th edition w/ Reporting set to "passed/incomplete."  Import the SCORM package to Canvas set as a graded assignment.  Change the assignment settings to 0 points and complete/incomplete grading.  Set the module requirement to "view the item".  

2.  Export the Rise course as SCORM 1.2 w/ Reporting set to "passed/incomplete."  Import the SCORM package to Canvas set as a graded assignment.  Change the assignment settings to 100 points and complete/incomplete grading.  Set the module requirement to "score at least" 100/100.  

Option 1 was not ideal, as it let the student complete the requirement just by clicking inside the Rise course.  They didn't have to scroll through and complete all the activities.  I was ecstatic when I got option 2 to work because it actually required the student to go most of the way through the Rise course before the requirement would be met.  Unfortunately, as of today, I'm not sure either option is still working.

I got a call from a student last week because he got stuck in the Rise course, even though he had gone all the way through and completed everything.  I had used option 2 with this one, but I ended up changing the requirements back to "view the item" just so he could complete the course.  I just tried testing a course I had set up with option 2 and it didn't work.  I couldn't meet the requirement and I got stuck.  So then I tried changing it back to option 1 and that didn't work either.  I'm no longer convinced either option is working anymore. At least not for me. Has anyone else seen similar issues?

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Buzz around town is that the new update stopped scorm from pushing back grades from packages with Rise/Storyline. Very frustrating. Articulate is the gold standard when it comes to learning design. It should work well within Canvas. 

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Thanks for your reply, cholling!  It was helpful to hear that others have been having similar issues.  If you ever resolve it, I'd love to hear about it.  I decided to go back to a "view the item" requirement for now.

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@dljoyork I have no idea whether it's a different vein of the same issue, but I use a vendor-sponsored SCORM Articulate package set to push out as complete/incomplete. Completed assignments scored 100% in the gradebook, and partially as 0%. Until January this year, it all worked fine. In early spring it began to devolve so that some students received correct scores, but more reported that they successfully completed but the gradebook indicated 0%. This changed to more 0% and finally by now most grades aren't recorded at all. Nothing has changed with the course the modules are loaded in or with the SCORM package that's in place. The results don't change by the standard troubleshooting of clearing cache, closing and restarting, or using a different browser. There is a discussion of this across many R1 research institutions experiencing the same thing.