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As instructors asked questions and requested resources when hundreds of courses moved online, I placed the resources into an Online Instructor Resources site. It is now public and openly licensed for anyone to use:

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Hi Denise! @dejonghed07 

Right on!! Thanks so much for culling those resources together! I'm going to pass this along to some others who are looking at several of the aspects you've covered in this resources site.

Stay positive, test negative,
Cheers - Shar


You're welcome, @Shar - I plan to add to it/improve upon it as needed and as time permits. I'm glad that it might be helpful to others.



Thanks for creating this resource! There are many ideas that I will be able to pass along. I was wondering if you have any information for writing and K-5? We are fully remote. Thanks! Any info would be welcome. 




Hi @nlarocca - I'm glad there are some useful ideas for you. I work in higher ed, but recommend checking out open educational resources. You can search for K-5 grades and writing.

An example is:

Other oer databases to search:





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