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Where can I login to experience sample courses?

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Highlighted‌, if your school has not opted into Canvas Commons, you can still access the resources in it by creating a Free for Teachers account, and these lessons should get you started: What is Canvas Commons? and 


Ah... I think I understand the problem now. When you talk about "Canvas Commons"... you mean that actual node of the Canvas product, right? I do not think my university has activated that feature.

When I am talking about "Canvas Commons", I am just meaning this website: Canvas Commons 

When you say, "make sure that 'Show Public Resources' toggle is enabled"... is that a Canvas setting?

To (possibly) clarify my original question: Can I find some sample courses, if my university has not opted into Canvas Commons?


Highlighted‌, first, make sure that "Show Public Resources" toggle is enabled. My Canvas Commons instance shows 37,496 total public resources. 

Here are my search results:

Samples: 539 courses

Templates: 735

Examples: 1228

If your total is significantly different, and you're not the Commons administrator for your school, I recommend that you contact that person.


Hi, Stephanie. Thank you for that set of links.

At the risk of appearing obtuse... I still can't seem to find the "many sample courses that you can explore."

I went to the Canvas Commons. No nav-bar links were obvious.

I searched on "samples": no hits.

I searched on "templates": no hits.

I searched on "examples": only one hit that wasn't useful.

I searched on "courses": lots of hits, nothing useful.

Can you zero me in a bit more? Where, exactly, within Canvas Commons can I find these samples?

Thank you.



Hi,‌, after posted his response a couple of months ago, we've made some changes to the Community configuration, and the space to which he linked is no more. Here's the announcement from late January.

The Canvas Resources space of the community served an early need to house a small handful of orientation courses and samples.  Since the space was originally created, our community has made many advancements in sharing content, and this space has become outdated.  We plan to dissolve this space, but we won’t leave you without resources.  Resources can be found throughout the community, and more specifically, here are resources that are more streamlined and always up to date:

Self-paced learning and orientation

  • Canvas Basics is a guide series created for the newest users of Canvas
  • All Canvas Guides are sequenced for the different user types and flow much better than the self-paced courses that are here.
  • Canvas Video Guides are also sequenced for different user types and are organized in a way that is  more efficient than the video tour courses that are here.
  • And, a bonus that isn’t on our Canvas Resources page.  We now have a space that helps all of you learn how to best ‘get started’ with Canvas and in the Community!

Sample Courses & Strategies

  • Canvas Commons has many sample courses that you can explore, and you can even download them and use them!
  • Canvas user Engagement is where you can find (and share) tips, tricks, assets, and strategies to optimize Canvas rollout, training, and continued adoption.
  • Instructional Design is where you can find (and share) ideas and resources around course development and content creation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact  We plan to remove this space and redirect it to Getting Started on January 24, 2018


Hi, Kelley (Meeusen).

Am I missing something? When I read your post here, the text reads "You can find some sample Canvas courses here."

But, I don't see a link... any blue-underlined text... URL...  Nothin'. Thoughts?


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Always glad to help, Eliyahu!


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Community Coach

Hi ravmitterhoff

You can find some sample Canvas courses here 

This site includes:

  • Self-paced courses for Instructors and Admins,
  • Courses by audience
  • Courses by subject,
  •  Canvas Training Courses, and
  • Sample course Templates.

I hope this is helpful,


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