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Template for Canvas Homepage?

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Now that the Canvas Announcements feature shows announcements on the home page (which we love by the way!), we're starting to rethink our old home page template that we use in every course.  I was wondering if anyone had any new designs they are using that they'd be willing to share?  I've attached a demo of what we currently do.  We're looking to have the instructor's contact info somewhere on the page as well, but we'd like to keep the course navigation box.  stefaniesanders your blog post ( ) helped us immensely coming up with ideas for the home page in the past.  Are you using Announcements feature at all now? Does anyone have anything that they are using with success?  current homepage template

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We use different images for the different courses and different colors for our different degree programs. The instructor information is in the course menu.  I will add an image to this site later.  

Thanks for the example  @jrboek ‌.  Do you use the same images in each course for each unit?  Where is the Instructor contact info/Syllabus?

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Here is a template that we use in our college...

Template for OU-PACS Homepage


We have repurposed the Syllabus tool to serve as our default home page which we apply to all newly created modules. It's pretty simple and generic, with a welcome message and a couple of buttons taking students into the 'Units / Modules' tool and a pre-prepared page about study skills.

Sunderland Home Page

Hey  @franke ‌. There is going to be a demo of Design Tools by Florida State and Embry-Riddle in just a little bit. Check it out over here and if you miss it there may be a recording. 


I appreciated getting to see some of the designs from the reply posts. Also, I like the idea of linking from the Home (Front) page to a "about me" page.

Brilliant idea  @jlstalke . I guess for K-12 it needs to be more image linked?

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This is a little late... but we have a selection of banners to pick from, have added ones that are specific to our area, and there is also an option to use whatever you like.

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Thanks awilliamsI like this homepage design.  With the image, does that change depending on the course or do you always use the same one?  Never heard of Cidi Labs, will have to check them out.

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We actually made the page first.  Then I took a snip of it and pasted it into Word.  I then added the instructional arrows.

We wanted our students to have a familiar feel when they swapped from class to class and we wanted them to know where to find all of their teachers' contact information.