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Template for Canvas Homepage?

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Now that the Canvas Announcements feature shows announcements on the home page (which we love by the way!), we're starting to rethink our old home page template that we use in every course.  I was wondering if anyone had any new designs they are using that they'd be willing to share?  I've attached a demo of what we currently do.  We're looking to have the instructor's contact info somewhere on the page as well, but we'd like to keep the course navigation box.  stefaniesanders your blog post ( ) helped us immensely coming up with ideas for the home page in the past.  Are you using Announcements feature at all now? Does anyone have anything that they are using with success?  current homepage template

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There's some hot new homepage templates located at Teacher Appreciation 2018 | Home Page Templates. Check them out!

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ishar-uw Is this available in the Commons?

I meant to include my email address:

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I would love to have a copy of the template shown in the Canvas Community Update dated 4/26/18, and shows  a course home page for ACT-540-DEV-2016. I looked in the Commons and was unable to locate it.

Thank you in advance.

Kate McDill


I have created an interactive home page.  Students can navigate all the important items from that one page just by clickling on the boxes on the home page.  They never have to search for anything.


Learner II

We generally encourage faculty to use Modules as the home page for the course. If you're using weeks or topics to divide your course into chunks of content, we've found Modules to be the most effective home page. It lets students get in, do what they need to, and get out as quickly as possible, because that's what they'll try to do anyway. It also helps provide a quick overview of what's happening that week. Most of what people create links for on other home pages already exist in Canvas, and are generally more efficient. For example, making a syllabus button on your home page is less efficient than the built-in Syllabus course navigation. The course navigation is available from every page, while the syllabus button on the home page is only available by clicking Home first. There are plenty of opportunities to create engaging, visually appealing learning moments in the rest of the course while keeping the navigation simple and flat.

screenshot of the home page of a course

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Here's an example of the Home page of one of our courses.

I would like to have the option to make the page title visible or not, while still be accessible by e Readers, because sometimes it is not required.

Work Studies Homepage

This links to a number of modules.

Module example

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Here's what I use in my Intermediate/Advanced ESL class.  It makes it easy for the students to navigate pieces they need and the visual helps.

home page Miranda

For our TEAS Math class, we need a new design.  Any ideas?  This one is plain...

TEAS math home page

Looks good Mike! Well done.


This is outstanding!  Exactly what I was looking for...until I started to play with it.  Your code gave me what I needed to change our approach.  I have now adapted it to always show announcements in the sidebar.

In my theme's custom JS, I added:


And it looks great, too!

Sample Sidebar Announcements