Tips for Managing Multiple Sections of Same Course

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Since many institutions are no longer cross-listing multiple sections of courses due to the increased FERPA requirements (see a rich discussion re: this here), we are compiling a list of "Tips" to share with our faculty.  I've added a few to begin the list but hoping you will share yours as well.   Thank you!

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Here are the tips we have gotten from faculty so far:

  1. It only really works if I commit to getting one class as ready as possible before the quarter starts, and then I copy it to the second class.  Less updates/edits to remember to make in two places during the quarter.
  2. I treat each section separately, in my head, and add announcements etc, as needed. I try to add to both sections concurrently. When I have the whole quarter ready, its not that big a deal to add the daily stuff.
  3. I keep a printed roster for each section, and keep it handy, until I have a feel for the personality of each class.
  4. The section that fills up last has the most vulnerable students, so I try to pay attention to that section first, to make sure they are getting lots of warm loving kind attention/support.
  5. I keep both sections open as pinned tabs in my browser.
  6. I create a piece of paper on my desk with a column for each section.  When I need to make an edit, add an announcement, etc., I write it down and then check it off for each section as I do it.