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Using Emojis in Rubrics

I was thinking about the pain scales I've seen in pediatrician offices like this....


and wondered if I could incorporate visuals into rubrics. Guess what? You CAN. By incorporating emojis (from websites such as  or Unicode® character table ) you can literally tell your students their work is a pile of...


JK! But I think there are some real practical applications of incorporating emojis into rubrics. What emojis would you use? Enjoy!

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Navigator II‌, this is simultaneously hilarious and awesome.


I can think of plenty of assignments on which I would have utilized this solution. Smiley Happy

Navigator II

...and I've shared it out to Higher Education‌ and K-12‌, whose members, I've no doubt, will get a great kick out of it.


Seeing emoji's in rubrics is a great idea!! (In moderation, of course!)

I immediately think of younger grades. Students can easily understand a set of basic icons that are used consistently to represent various levels of achievement. Use the emoji first, then, for the families, write out the text! Teachers use stickers, and students are likely to connect to visuals. I say, why not?!  ❤️  


I teach grades 9-12, and when I asked them about they wanted their grades to be represented (points, letter grade, etc.), a few actually asked if we could use emojis instead of A, B, C, D. This blog by‌ was the starting point for that particular idea: Grade with Emoji‌.

I can see students getting excited about emoji's in rubrics too. That would be a neat way to differentiate scores worth points from an outcome/standards that don't count towards a grade too.

Thanks for sparking some ideas!! 

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This just made my day!

Rolling on the Floor Laughing