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Using Google Slides to Make a Video Rotator

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I already posted a blog entry on Using Google Slides to Make an Image Rotator‌, and  @lumleysm ‌'s question on Video - Autoplay and Loop prompted me to see if the same thing could work for videos. It does!

I begin in Google Slides:

  1. Add a YouTube video to each slide in a Google Slides presentation (Insert >> Video...)
  2. Right-click on the video within the slide and choose Video options...
  3. Turn on the check box for Autoplay when presenting
  4. Publish the presentation to the web (File >> Publish to the web...)
  5. In the "Publish to the web" dialog:
    • Select the Embed tab and pick a size - I like using the Small option for "Slide size" because it gives me more space to type the instructional context for the embedded media
    • Select the check boxes to turn on:
      • Start slideshow as soon as the player loads and
      • Restart the slideshow after the last slide
  6. Copy the embed code

And then in Canvas:

  1. In the Rich Content Editor, click on the button to Insert/edit media
  2. In the "Insert/edit media" dialog, select the Embed tab and paste the embed code
  3. Edit the embed code so that the delayms= value is a second or two longer than the longest video within the presentation
  4. Click Ok

Edited embed code

I did some testing and learned a couple of things. It looks like the Google Slide needs at least two slides for this to work. The time code cannot be different for each slide, and I added the extra time to account for the time it takes for the video to start playing.


This is so cool,  @GregoryBeyrer ‌! And like I have said before, an instant advantage of using Google Slides is that it can also be collaborative, so that if you wanted students to be contributing content, you could open it up for them to do so.

Perhaps of interest also is this nifty thing that Larry Ferlazzo shared the other day via his blog about using GoogleSlides for choose-your-own-adventure type storytelling; videos embedded in Larry's post:

Google Publishes Series Of Video Instructions About Creating Online “Choose Your Own Adventure” Stor...

screenshot of youtube video

These kinds of applications show what a great tool "slides" are... it might have been built for the purposes of presentations, but as it turns out, this is a content creation and display tool that can be used in all kinds of ways. We just have to dream up what we want to do with it!

Pinging  @keeganlong-whee ‌ for this example of the power of embedding!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Wow, thanks Gregory and laurakgibbswhat cool ideas. Loved seeing the example by Larry Ferlazzo.


Larry is my hero! 🙂