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Using Notebowl in Canvas


I have a faculty member asking about Notebowl.  She is specifically interested in how it could help her with Discussions.  It's a class with multiple discussion posts due each week. I see there was a CanvasLive webinar in Aug but I didn't know what it was at the time.  Did anyone attend?  Anyone currently using it?  Any input re: pros/cons?  Is it accessible?  

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Lisa!

Absolutely! Here’s some information below with videos that are helpful in describing Notebowl’s social learning integration in Canvas.

Short intro: 


I‘d be happy to showcase personally for your groups how Notebowl can be valuable to increase student engagement and improve classroom collaboaration.

Feel free to email me direct at to setup a chat.

Thanks so much Smiley Happy


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for all the helpful info and links here. 

I need to provide just some basic information about Notebowl and the way it integrates with Canvas to several constituency groups on my campus. I went to the website but can’t seem to get past the opening page without requesting a demo. Is there some text- or image-based information you could perhaps pass along? It would be really helpful.

Thank you in advance,



Hi Deborah!

Looks like the https:// was left off Smiley Sad Try this link below now or type into a new tab on your browser Smiley Happy

Let me know if you need anything else!


Thank you Andrew!  I will check out those resources.



I tried accessing, but I got an error.  

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Hi Schirlei!

Would love to connect you with some current users so they can offer up those pros and cons Smiley Happy Email us at so we can help get you that information quicker!


Hi Anne,

So sorry to hear that! Would love to have you signup for our next webinar. In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about the Notebowl + Canvas integration, we can setup a Zoom call to chat further. Feel free to go to or email us at



Hi Laura!

Sounds like a wonderful use case to use Notebowl for inside of Canvas. We can help set you up with a user that's currently using it in their classrooms. Let me know if you'd like to connect over email. Shoot us a message at or directly to me at

Look forward to chatting soon Smiley Happy

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Hi Amy!

Thanks for posting this and wanted to follow up here so everyone can see. Yes, you can take a look at our VPAT documentation and we comply with a majority of WCAG 2.0. See our accessibility statement.

Looks like the partnership team already shared the webinar recording but if you'd like to share easily on YouTube, you can also share this link: Webinar: Social Learning Comes to Canvas with Notebowl - YouTube.

If you'd like to learn more and want a personalized demo with the ability to ask us questions, reach us directly at You can also request a demo at

Hope to see you on Notebowl soon!

Andrew Chaifetz


Thank you!