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Using VeriCite for Discussions and Exams

Adventurer III
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We know that plagiarism is not limited to the papers that students submit to Assignments and that copied words can be used for Discussion replies as well as answers to Quiz questions. One of the things that I like about the native integration of VeriCite with Canvas is the check box on an Assignment with the Online option selected for Submission Type. This option is not yet available for Quiz answers nor Discussion replies, but a workaround is possible when using the LTI option for VeriCite. That option allows instructors to submit assignments on behalf of their students.

The embedded video demonstrates the following:

  1. Copy the text of a student's submission to a graded Discussion
  2. Create an Assignment and choose the LTI option for Submission Type
  3. Click the Find button and then select the VeriCite option*
  4. Click the Save button (not Save and publish)
  5. Click on the student whose text was copied in the first step
  6. Click on the link to copy/paste text, paste the text copied in the first step, and then Submit Paper
  7. Printing the VeriCite report.

*: Though these steps and the video are specific to VeriCite, it is possible that a similar process can be used for other LTI tools for plagiarism detection.

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