Ventura College Hosts 4th Annual VCCCD Distance Education Summit

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On March 15, Ventura College hosted the 4th Annual district-wide Distance Education Summit. The theme was, “Reaching Every Student: Accessibility and Equity in Online Learning”. The day included sessions, workshops, and a student panel addressing issues of access and equity in hybrid and online classes.

Keynote speaker, Gaeir Dietrich, gave a rousing talk on Universal Design for Student Success, exploring the key principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), learning and teaching styles, and the intersection of accessibility and basic skills. Dietrich is a consultant and trainer on access and Section 508 compliance.

Faculty and staff from Ventura and Moorpark Colleges presented on a variety of topics, including: Online Student Services, Humanizing Your Course for Equitable Outcomes, and the new districtwide software program, Ally, which will improve the usability and accessibility of online course content. Ventura College presenters included , , , Araceli Trujillo  , ,, and John Ruff. Presenters from Moorpark College included: Suzanne Fagan, Jolie Herzig, Jennifer Lawler, Richard Feilden, Deanna Ochoa, and Kara Lybarger-Monson.

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