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What about Multiple Assignment Attempts?

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A while back I responded to a conversation about assignment submissions that‌ was involved in. I've since lost that conversation thread but still don't have know the answer to the question I posed. At our institution, students can submit an assignment as often as they want as long as the assignment window is still open. Students can only see their final submission, but instructors can see and access any of the submissions.

The 2020-07-18 Release Notes mention (as did that previous conversation I mentioned) A Submissions Attempt option. I don’t see that in my test course and so don’t know whether it won’t be implemented until next month or there’s another reason I don’t see it. Has it not be released yet or is there another reason I'm not seeing it? What is the difference between using multiple submissions the way we do it during the assignment's open window and using the checkbox options? Is it one or the other, or simply the fact that instructors can limit the number of submissions? Will using the checkbox options functionally work the same way as we do multiple submissions, meaning that the instructor can see each submission through the dropdown in speedgrader?

I hope this is clear.

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Is there a way to allow only one individual student to resubmit an assignment. As the student has an IEP and obviously did not try the first or second attempt, I'd like to give him one more chance. However, I do not want to change the overall allowed attempts for all students to three. That would make it too difficult to grade, especially if a student decides to use all attempts. In quizzes, it allowed this under the modify setting, but I can't see the same option for assignments. 

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Yes, I know James -- that was part of my frustration -- I couldn't remember any additional specifics or even find it again. Thanks for the information -- that was helpful.

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A while back I responded to a conversation about assignment submissions that  was involved in.

That really doesn't help narrow it down Smiley Happy

The functionality is available right now in Canvas. It was deployed earlier this spring. What's happening in July is that they are forcing it on for people rather than it being behind a feature option.

The admin must go into Admin > Settings > Feature Options and enable "Assignment Allowed Attempts." If it is set to "On" then faculty will have that option on assignments automatically. If it is set to "Enable" then faculty will need to go into Course Settings > Feature Options and turn on the "Assignment Allowed Attempts" feature.

Then when you go to an assignment that has an Online or External Tool submission type, you will see the Submission Attempts box in the link that provided.


Thanks, Kelley!!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi cholling 

The ability to limit assignment submissions was just recently added to Canvas. Learn more at Can a student resubmit Canvas assignments? 

And, if multiple submissions are permitted, then yes you can still access all of the submissions.

Did I just make your day?


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