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What are your experiences with Pearson MyLab LTI?

I am working with our math faculty to develop online courses, and want to know the experiences and possible tips/tricks/troubleshooting that anyone can share regarding Pearson MyLab products. We are using the Math Lab.

Do your instructors use the Canvas page to take quizzes, view resources, etc. - or - do you put the content into your course separately?

Just looking for some advice, experiences, etc.

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Community Coach
Community Coach​, I'm building an online course right now that uses MyStatsLab. I've got it integrated so that the MyLabs button shows up in the left navigation, have direct links to the e-textbook and Assignments page, and could have the gradebook linked (MyLabs --> Canvas, but no two-way syncing). Overall what I've found is that myStatsLab really doesn't integrate that well back into Canvas. They *say* they do, but when you dig deeper it's more like they provide a link from Canvas to myLabs so that student's don't have to log in twice, and will send gradebook information to Canvas (yet, it's ugly and doesn't do what I'd like it to do), but otherwise it doesn't seem to really "integrate" with Canvas.

For my particular course I'm using MyLabs for testing and homework, but doing discussions and projects in Canvas. I'm also providing extra instructional content - video, handouts, extra-resources - in Canvas. For the gradebook I'm either going to manually move grades from MyLabs to Canvas or (possibly, fingers-crossed) get our Internet Systems Specialist to do some programming that will move them over automatically for me.