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What are your experiences with Pearson MyLab LTI?

I am working with our math faculty to develop online courses, and want to know the experiences and possible tips/tricks/troubleshooting that anyone can share regarding Pearson MyLab products. We are using the Math Lab.

Do your instructors use the Canvas page to take quizzes, view resources, etc. - or - do you put the content into your course separately?

Just looking for some advice, experiences, etc.

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From the documentation I got the feeling it had to be at the account level before the instructor could do anything in a course. We have an instructor who will be using a MyLabs product this fall so I guess I will find out soon.

I'm not sure that's totally accurate, snugent.  I *think* that you could technically install the Pearson MyLabs LTI app just to one course...but I'm not exactly sure how that works if you install it to another course.  Do you use the same Consumer Key and Shared Secret?  That's what I'm not sure of.  Most of the LTI apps I've set up for our Technical College have been at the Admin that anyone can use them if they want.

Thanks​! That was very helpful. It appears from the documentation the LTI needs to be installed at the admin level first before the instructor can enable it in a Canvas course.

I have related question all in the thread. How do you all support students using the textbook publisher software? We have so many instructors now who are using third-party software for a lot of the instruction now and it is hard to support students with the software.

Hi snugent​...

Looks like it can be installed either at the account level or the course level.  We have it installed at the account level.  If you go here, MyLab & Mastering for Canvas (Standard Integration) | Educators | MyLab & Mastering | Pearson, you'll want to click on the link in the first bulleted item under the heading of "Before you get started".  It's Section 3 on Page 6 that you'll want to read through.​ Can the MyLab LTI be installed at the course level? Or is via admin only?


This is all great information! To expand on this, how does the integration with the Pearson Labs work with the Canvas app on the mobile devices? I'm working with a faculty member who is part of our 1:1 iPad project. She had no trouble syncing the MyLab with Canvas but found some issues when trying to access the links using the iPad. Using the Safari browser on the iPad worked fine once pop ups and cookies were allowed but she is not getting the links through the Canvas app to work.

Really good Video​ for anyone setting up Pearson in Canvas!!! Thanks for the link!

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We have it setup like mentioned with the Mylabs button on the left navigation and it basically brings over the gradebook columns for you. We have quite a few faculty who use Pearson and McGraw Hill at our school. We have not had any problems with pairing Pearson to Canvas and the grade sync works very well. Right now the faculty member just needs to manually hit grade sync once the two are paired and select what assignments they want to bring over.

McGraw Hill was giving us quite a bit of problems for a long time and the fix was super easy. We have it setup that you add the McGraw Hill link under modules and then the professor clicks on the link and pairs it to Canvas. If you do not select to load in a new tab it will not allow you to pair McGraw Hill and Canvas let alone sync the grades. Once the load in a new tab is selected it walks you through the pairing and then onto grade sync (manually too).

Also, McGraw Hill will not allow you to do any grade sync with Canvas until a student has gone in and taken a quiz. Once any student goes in and takes a quiz then you can click grade sync and bring the quiz scores over into the Canvas Gradebook (just fyi). I worked with a faculty member for a couple of days on the McGraw Hill integration last week and she is working on typing up some instructions on how to navigate the McGraw Hill setup from the teachers viewpoint and is willing to share if anyone else needs help with McGraw Hill.

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Community Coach, since there's no right or wrong answer for this question, I'm going to switch it over to a discussion. I'm also going to move it over to the Instructional Designers​ groups to see if you can get more responses. Smiley Happy

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I wanted to provide some of my thoughts to your question as well.  Just for some background, the Technical College where I work just recently switched from Pearson eCollege's LearningStudio LMS to Canvas a little more than a year ago.  We had only a few courses (College Math, Pre-Algebra, and Economics) that used an integrated MyLab component.  Since eCollege and MyLabs are both Pearson products, the integration was a seamless, single sign-on experience for instructors and students.  Gradebook syncing also occurred between MyLabs and LearningStudio.  Now that we have made the switch to Canvas, we no longer have the full-blown integrated experience.  We now have what Pearson calls the "kiosk" version of MyLabs (think of this as a free "lite" version of a smartphone app...not having all the bells and whistles that you'd have with a paid app).  For the most part, one of our Economics instructors (jhalter) has been the only person who has been using MyEcon lab inside of Canvas.  But, to my knowledge, his grades do not sync from MyEcon Lab back to Canvas.  I have mainly helped Joe get the initial setup of MyEcon Lab completed so that he can use it in his course.

I'm not sure how far along you are in the setup of the MyLabs LTI component, and I'm not sure if you've seen this video, but I'm going to provide it here for your reference.  It does a pretty good job of telling you how to get the "MyLabs and Mastering" button set up in your Canvas course(s).

Hope this helps!!!