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What are your experiences with Pearson MyLab LTI?

I am working with our math faculty to develop online courses, and want to know the experiences and possible tips/tricks/troubleshooting that anyone can share regarding Pearson MyLab products. We are using the Math Lab.

Do your instructors use the Canvas page to take quizzes, view resources, etc. - or - do you put the content into your course separately?

Just looking for some advice, experiences, etc.

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Here is that Third-Party Tools module I referred to:

Third-Party Tools

  Third-Party Tools
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Community Coach

Yeah, they wanted to know if we were using the most recent/updated version... I just laughed and said they must not know much about Canvas!

LOL!  Smiley Wink That is too funny!

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Community Coach

I was trying to explain some problems we were having to some Pearson reps and they asked if it might be the *version* of Canvas we were using that was causing the problem.... Smiley Wink

awilliams​ I agree. We basically tell faculty we can't help them with issues and they need to contact the publisher. It is a bit tricky for us dealing with digital resources because we rent textbooks. In the past it was always an issue on how the codes were doled out to students. Publishers are getting better about that but we want to be sure we keep costs down and that there are no "surprises" in total cost because of the rental policy. I have found that most publishers we have dealt with are quite pushy about getting the integration installed. The Pearson representative did come and show the faculty who adopted the MyLab how to use it but she didn't spend much time on the integration and didn't even really know how it worked.  Thanks for the info on the grades sync. That is definitely useful!

This is really hard and the main reason I am really down on third-party LMS-ish systems like this. Every user (faculty, student, dean) expects the local technical support people to get involved with these issues but at least in my experience I can't offer much more than the support number and the willingness to contact support on behalf of faculty and help explain the issue technically.

I have a Resource Center for Faculty course and one of the modules is nothing but documentation and support information for these systems. I am also always trying to meet real human beings at these companies and keep their contact information available in case I need something special (like less than a 48 hour turn-around time).


We use the "Mylabs and Mastering" LTI as well. As others have said, visually it doesn't do much more than provide links to different parts of our MyLabs and Mastering courses. The main reason for us to use it was grade-sync (since as of this semester faculty are required to have their grades in Canvas) and Single Sign-On. For these two purposes it works relatively well.

There are some cons though.

  • Grade sync is not automatic, you have to click a button whenever you want it done.
  • When you grade sync, the assignments list in the integration interface is random and this is problematic if you want to save time and just sync the latest few assignments rather than selecting all of them.
  • If you sync all assignments the first time they will be in that random order in your Canvas course (and thus the grade book).
  • If you are using assignment weights in your MyLabs and Mastering product, these values do not get factored into the Canvas assignment point value. This means the two sets of grades students see will never match and you'll spend a lot of time explaining this. The only two options for fixing this are to not use assignment weights in the MyLabs and Mastering side or do the math recreate the weighting with assignment groups and weighted grades.
  • If you have a system of awarding extra credit on assignments through your MyLabs and Mastering grade setup, it won't transfer over to Canvas.
  • Pearson Support (need I say more?) Well the front line people can almost never address any issues with the LTI but you still have to go through the motions with them and then hope to get transferred to their LMS Integrations team. Many times they've just had to escalate the ticket and I have to wait until they get back to me (sometime in the next couple of days).
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Community Coach

blain.c​, I had the same problem over the summer and the issue was that the code I was originally given was for the non Canvas integrated version of myStatLab. What worked best was having our students return their purchase to the bookstore and buy access directly through MyStatLab. What other students were able to do was contact StatLab support and support went ahead and gave them the correct code; I'm not sure what it took to do this, the students worked with support themselves.

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We have had nothing but issues with the My Lab and Mastering. I am the admin and the app was properly added and seemed to be working, but now when our new students are using their brand new codes, it is telling them it is invalid. I have a biology instructor that wants to be able to use this product, but has had nothing but problems. We have tried to get a hold of our rep, corporate and tech support and no one will help us. Any help or advice would be very appreciated!


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Thanks for this discussion. I came to the community to ask about the same questions.  Iv'e been experimenting with integrating MyITLab and Canvas and while I can see the assignments and such in the class, I'm having problems with grade integration. I've chosen a set of assignments to sync and they show up in the gradebook, I'm not finding the test grades coming over back into Canvas. I need to have a few more people test this with me, but has anyone found anything special that is needed to bring the grades in?

Also, when I go to edit the linked assignment (because we weight the assignments differently than the points MyITLab assigns) I need to edit the external link URL.  I've chosen the "MyITLab Grades" from the drop down list, but I'm not sure this is correct. Any thoughts from people who have been successful?

Thank you so very much.

J.J. Kwashnak