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Surveyor II

Why is font-weight being stripped from the RCE???

Has anyone else noticed that font-weight is now being stripped from the RCE? Font is fine, font-size is fine, font-family is fine, font-variant is fine...font-weight is now not!

I file a support request with Canvas over this and got the following two responses:

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. I understand you are seeing the attribute "font-weight" is stripped from HTML in the RCE. This is intentional behavior, at this time font-weight is not an allowed HTML element in the RCE. You can review the list of allowed HTML elements and style properties in the document linked in this Canvas community forum: 

Then, after responding that font-weight is not an HTML element and font is on the list of approved CSS properties, got this response:

The agent who responded previously actually reached and got information from one of our engineers. Font is on the list of approved style properties, but font-weight is not and is why it is being stripped from the RCE. The engineer confirmed that this is not a bug and is intended behavior as font-weight is not on the approved this.

This makes zero sense. Font is a shorthand property that encompasses font-weight (among others)! In fact, using something like font: italic bold 2.5rem still works to affect the font-weight (unfortunately, using a shorthand property causes unintentional effects, so is not preferred). One could also achieve such effects using strong or em. 

It just defies logic that it's being stripped and I have a hard time believing tier 1 support that it is intentional. If it is now intentional.....why?

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Surveyor II

I give up. I got another completely nonsensical response from L1 support from a person for whom English is clearly not their first language. How other people manage to get actual L3 support is beyond me.

At any rate, I don't have the brain power to deal with this anymore and at least for making things bold, I have workarounds (which highlights what a dumb change it is). You can use the font shorthand property if you want to use the "lighter", but make sure you set the values for the other properties, otherwise, it'll change them to your defaults. 

Honestly, if Canvas meant this to be an official change, they should have had the decently to put it in the freaking release notes. 

Surveyor II

New response from L1 support in which they refused to escape the issue:

Thank you for your response. However, I am unable to escalate this to the next level of support, as this is not a bug.

As per the list you attached, the following style elements for font are supported in the HTML editor: "face, color, size"
Font-weight is not mentioned within the document, and is therefore not supported. Font weight has always been applied by using the RCE and not the HTML editor.

If you'd like to make a suggestion to our developers to add this to the Allowed list, you can make a suggestion on our Idea Conversations page

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know, I'd be happy to help.


L1 support does not know the difference in the Allowlist between the approved attributes for the HTML tag font and the CSS shorthand property font. 😓 My head hurts.

I sent them another, very detailed, step-by-step broken down response of the issue, HOPEFULLY, they realize they don't know anything about HTML and CSS and escalate it like I requested. 


This is a huge problem for us when designing pages. I've been using this every time when doing some pages on credit rolls, like the one shown on the right (rendered in Responsive Layout).

In fact, the "font-weight: lighter;" code makes the page more artistic, using thinner typography for the headers.

Sample split-screen credits roll concept, with light-weight fonts for the headers.Sample split-screen credits roll concept, with light-weight fonts for the headers.