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functioning in the new Community

I'm struggling a little transferring the processes I used in the old Community to keep informed in the new Community. Previously when I logged on, I could click through the entire list, read indepth the ones I wanted, and have them all marked read. I found that an effective way to pick up on new information or spot things that might be problematic to my faculty.

Perhaps I've just not been able to be in the Community enough since the switch, but I can't seem to get a handle on a good workflow. I've followed through the Community Guide, but it seemed somewhat limited to me. I don't want to restrict myself only to the ID group (although everyone is great) but I picked up so many important things from other groups as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers to info for me?


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Hello from a student's perspective it would be helpful to be able to disable zoom meeting on the canvas callender so when i go to make a do a list of what I need to do there tons of notifications about zoom meeting

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