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"Design Mode" for Course Design Across Platforms and Apps

Good morning, fellow Instructional Designers.

I am looking for a way to test course design layout (including accessibility, equity across devices, etc.) in as few steps as possible. An emulator that would allow me to test these designs across platforms, such as the Responsive Design Mode built-into Safari and Chrome, would be super helpful.

When considering equitable and accessible design, I often load up versions of my pages in a Test course to check the UI/UX of design via the following:

  • Modern web browsers
    • macOS
    • Windows
    • iOS
  • Canvas Student App
    • iOS
    • Android

Typically, because of whitelisted HTML and a staggering discrepancy between the traditional web vs. Student app experiences, I often spend a lot of time simply loading and previewing the content. This time could be better spent fine-tuning aspects of the course, such as page flow and external tool interaction.

Lacking any strong coding background, I don't think I can make this happen. But, if anyone knows of something that I could use, or if you feel like this is something we should position to Instructure to better our workflows and make the most out of their products, please let me know.

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