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Prior to this new 2021 version of CANVAS, I was able to upload a Powerpoint presentation as a file with audio.  The students would open the file and view the ppt slides and listen to my comments.  With this new version,  when I upload a ppt file, it opens immediately in the editor with continuous pages (not slides) and there is NO audio.  How can I just upload the ppt file as is and then have students open the file normally?

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Community Coach

Hello @jripley ...

I'm not sure what you mean by a 2021 "version" of Canvas.  Canvas does not have a "version", but there are updates and new features that are applied every month.  I'm not aware of any updates that would have changed the behavior of PowerPoint files.  Though, to be honest, I've not heard of the ability to hear audio in PowerPoint files that have been uploaded to a course.  (Full discloser, I'm a Canvas administrator at our school and do not teach courses.)  Do you know how students were previously viewing your PowerPoint presentations?  Did they have PowerPoint on their computer and were opening your file within the software?  If you could possibly provide some additional details for us, that would be helpful.  Thank you.  Take care, and be well.

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