Assign to everyone EXCEPT the kids in need of a modified assignment

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I know how to assign certain assignments to particular students, and I know how to assign different due dates to different sections/students. What I can't figure out is how to assign a differentiated assignment for my students receiving SPED reading support (about 15 of them) and the standard assignment to the remaining 120 students without manually entering all 120 students.

There are about 15 students of mine who are reading well below grade level, so I give them a modified assignment with a much lower reading activity. The other 120 kids will get the standard assignment. How do I assign it to those 120 students without also assigning it to the 15 students with the alternative assignment?

The students receiving SPED services really need an assignment that is heavily modified and adapted to their reading level. And it is especially important that these particular students, who are receiving Special Education services, NOT have two assignments when the expectation is that they only complete one. Most of these students have delayed processing, so everything needs to be as streamlined for them as humanly possible. Adding all 120 students manually to the standard assignment is time intensive and allows for too much human error.

How can I assign all students EXCEPT the SPED kiddos to an assignment? 

Please consider adding this function. I know that everyone on my team would really love it and I think most language arts teachers would appreciation the ability to differentiate in this manner.