Assignment for a few individual students - how do they find it?

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I'm planning to give an assignment next class that builds on the skills from last class. However, I have a few students who struggled on my last assignment and clearly need some basic skills practice. I think I know how to assign to specific students, but what I don't know is how the students would find their assignment. I usually put the day's assignment under the module for the week, with the module divided up by day.

Do I just put both assignments in the module, and students will only see the one assigned to them? Or does it work differently?

Here's what I'm picturing:

Module 37 Week for March 15-20

  Monday/Tuesday work:

        More practice with speed and velocity calculations (most students will see this)

        Remediation assignment (a few students would see this instead and not the one above)


Is that actually what would happen, or would students see both assignments but only be able to open the one assigned to them? Thanks for helping me out!

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Good morning, @arary ...

That is correct.  Here's an example where I tested this with three different "dummy" student accounts in my own sandbox course.  I created two separate assignments.  For each assignment, I assigned one student to each.  The first I assigned to "Frodo Baggins", the second to "Optimus Prime".  You'll see in these two screen shots that they can only see their own assignment...not an assignment that they weren't assigned to.

Frodo.jpg    Optimus.jpg

In this next example, I logged in as "Inigo Montoya", and you can see that neither assignment is displayed for him because I did not assign him to either of those assignments.


I hope this helps to clarify things for you.  Let me know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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