Automatic Grade Penalty intervals

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CANVAS gradebook comes with a way to do an automatic grade reduction, but it cannot reflect my existing policies. I generally use grade reduction policies at the rate of 1 or 2 weeks. For instance, in one class, the policy is that you can turn in an assignment up to two weeks late with a 50% reduction. The 50% reduction is the same if turned in 1 minute late or 14 days late. There is no way to represent this policy automatically on CANVAS. It can do a grade reduction per day or per hour, but not per week.Additionally, the lowest possible grade setting caps the penalty. So, to set it up, I set 50% reduction per day with a 50% cap. So if an assignment is worth 10 points, then anything over a 5 is reduced to a 5 and anything 5 or less is not penalized.If there's a way to get CANVAS to apply a penalty the way I'm looking for, 50% off regardless of the earned grade once late (and staying at 50%), then I would appreciate the help.

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