Best Practice for Adding Resources

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Greetings everyone!

Our campus is migrating to Canvas for the upcoming semester and I'm working on some of the different ways to layout a course.  My question is specific to modules and pages.

I have seen course modules that become extremely cluttered with all of the resources, links, files, etc... that are added for students to use as they complete a week.  Our practice is usually to have a "Steps to Completion" page that outlines what the students should be doing as the week progresses.

My questions:

  • Is it best to keep the resources confined as links on a such a page instead of having them out on the module section separately?
  • Do the documents and files uploaded directly to a page like this need to be manually published?  
  • Are these things easy to access via a mobile device?
  • Is there a better alternative?  (e.g. adding all of them as links on the module but simply linking them as course links in the Steps to Completion).

Our primary concern is avoiding what we like to refer to as the Scroll-Wheel of Death.  I'm wondering if there has ever been any talk of creating a specific type of page to handle all of the links, documents, etc... 

Thanks for any tips!