CANVAS Totally Confuses Me

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I have 56 years of teaching - 22 at UMSL (adjunct Geography instructor). I've taught online classes for 15 years using BlackBoard and my web site. Now, BlackBoard, which was logical and a joy with which ti work, is gone. It has been replaced by CANVAS in which I see little that is logical to me. I'm not against technology: I was a top user of BlackBoard, I used clickers in my classroom classes (worked better and easier with BlackBoard), Since the lock-down. I've had Open Office on Zoom twice a week. This certification class is using CANVAS and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm writing this because I think I'm supposed to post something am respond to someone's post. I'll probably only teach one or two more years (I'll turn 80 in December if COVID doesn't get me).

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