Can I change the automatic grade for Excused Status?

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I am an elementary art teacher using Canvas to grade 400 of my students (3rd - 5th). My school is constantly enrolling new students to my canvas courses, yet canvas assigns them all the projects that were assigned before their enrollment at my school. 

I have started trying to excuse projects that were before their enrollment with the excused status, however I noticed when added, the excused status gives the students an automatic 100%... Which is very misleading to parents when it transfers and skews their grade in Infinite campus. 

Is there a way that I can change the automatic excused status to not add a grade or change the percentage of points that it gives so it doesn't skew grade averages? 

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That feature would definitely be very helpful! At this point, there is not something in Canvas that will automatically do this.

Would it work to leave the old assignments ungraded? This would then only consider the graded work into your new-to-the-curriculum students.

In the gradebook, there's an option to treat ungraded as a 0, but if you don't use this, it should work! Of course, that means that work that is actually missing would require a manual entry. ...and with so many students, that's a lot to manage!

If you have families who are curious about past work, you could copy/paste a canned comment that states that the student is not responsible for making up the work. Again, I know that you have a lot of students, and with that being a manual process too, I can see where a blanket message home would be more efficient. 🙂

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