Can the Test Student / TA / Instructor be placed in a group?

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Hello Hivemind!

I'm trying to come up with creative ways for an instructor to join a group for the purpose of Group Collaborations/Assignments. I have limited admin capabilities, but most instructors don't have any admin privileges. 

I'm teaching an "Advanced Teaching with Canvas" class on my campus. As a part of this, I'm having participants experience Groups and Collaborations from both the instructor and student perspective. Here's what they do:

  1. Create group sets and groups
  2. Create a Collaboration
  3. Participate in a Collaboration
  4. Grade a Group assignment

It's the last one that has me stymied.

Last session, I experimented with them being students in each others' sandboxes. This was great for those who were active in the class; the flakes made it really difficult. As I tweak the class, I'd like to come up with a way for them to see what grading groups looks like without everyone being held hostage by those flakes. I CAN do this: change my role to student and use my admin superpowers to join a group then submit a group assignment, which they then grade.

No problem for me, really. However, if I let someone else teach this class, they won't have my admin superpowers to change their role to "student". Is there a way for mere mortal instructors to join an instructor-student's Sandbox as a student and thus be placed in a group? 



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