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Canvas Trainings

In our school district, we currently have four different courses that we offer.  Those courses are as follows:

  • Canvas 101: Introduction
  • Canvas 101: Assignments
  • Canvas 101: Quizzes
  • Canvas 101: Discussions

I am working on developing some 201 Canvas courses.  So far I have the following ideas:

  • Canvas 201: Customization of Pages (focus on creating buttons, using icons, tabs within a page, announcements box)
  • Canvas 201: Canvas Commons and Templates
  • Canvas 201: Outcomes
  • Canvas 201: Engagement Strategies

Does anyone have any other ideas or already created resources to help with the development of the courses?  Thank you in advance for any feedback or input. 

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Community Champion

Perhaps a 300 level for a synthesis type courses?  Or perhaps you cover this in some of your already existing courses.


Canvas 301: Putting a Course Together

I only have 1 training course and I've embedded the Canvas training videos.  However, my last video is self-made and it takes all of these concepts and shows how to put it together. I've called it "Build a Course in 30 Minutes."

Do you have something that focuses on the Conferences or the Collaborations features?

Community Team
Community Team

lauramaewojo, you might want to take advantage of this resource: Create a Simple Canvas Course​. And, because this isn't the sort of discussion that will lead to a single "correct" answer, I've changed the format to a discussion.

Thank you, stefaniesanders​.  I will definitely check it out! 

Excellent idea,  @canvas_admin 

Have you shared your video anywhere?  I would love to check it out. 

I just sent you a message with the link. Smiley Happy