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Changing due dates for many assignments at once for one student

I have many little assignments/quizzes to help students break up and manage their work. However, when a student needs an extension for work over two or three days because of family emergency or whatnot, I have to go into each assignment to give that one student a different due date. Is there a way to select a number of assignments at once to set the same due date for the same student, without having to go to each assignment individually? 

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Glad you brought this up and I wish I had an answer for you.  I have also run into the issue you described and definitely want to support my students, but sometimes it is just so time-consuming.  I'm curious if there is a way to do this.  

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Me too.  When I'm told a non-participating student now gets to take an incomplete, to then have to spend probably a minimum of an hour to change all the assignment due dates for that one student....

Canvas...please say you have a solution for this or are actively working on a solution.

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I also have this problem! And for the same reason as the original poster. I  would like to be generous with granting extensions, but I have had to cut back, sadly.

An extra complication: I give each assignment an Available Until date (to limit how late I will accept late work for partial credit), and I generally want to leave that unchanged when I give an extension on the due-date-for-full credit; but it's an extra thing to click on each assignment's page.