Deleting recurring events on calendar/moving all to another calendar

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Hi -

My calendar is displaying events for all the grades and classes I teach (I am a library media specialist).  I have tried multiple ways to delete calendar events (recurring) that I created but it seems from everything I read, I have to delete one at a time.  This will take hours as I have scheduled events through the school year.  I also cannot find a way to hide my calendar from students.  I can hide it from myself but not them.  In addition, if I cannot delete events, I would like to move them to my personal calendar.  That too, it seems, must be done one at a time.  Is there any faster way to do this?  I am used to the efficiency of Google Calendar and this is just so frustrating.  I have a call to Canvas - I am hoping they can clear my calendar and I can start over.  Any suggestions? 

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