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Deleting recurring events on calendar/moving all to another calendar

Hi -

My calendar is displaying events for all the grades and classes I teach (I am a library media specialist).  I have tried multiple ways to delete calendar events (recurring) that I created but it seems from everything I read, I have to delete one at a time.  This will take hours as I have scheduled events through the school year.  I also cannot find a way to hide my calendar from students.  I can hide it from myself but not them.  In addition, if I cannot delete events, I would like to move them to my personal calendar.  That too, it seems, must be done one at a time.  Is there any faster way to do this?  I am used to the efficiency of Google Calendar and this is just so frustrating.  I have a call to Canvas - I am hoping they can clear my calendar and I can start over.  Any suggestions? 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi There,

Unfortunately I do not have any good news to share with respect to mass deleting or moving calendar events.  In the future you have hit on the best way to keep students from seeing your calendar items - putting them on your personal calendar.  Sorry you now have this hassle.

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Thank you.  This is definitely a weakness in Canvas.  I am a Google Certified Instructor and feel Canvas lacks a lot.

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Ditto, on the reoccurring events, you have to delete them one at a time (I had a Zoom meeting the doubled). I don't understand why you want to hide the calendar events from students in your course?