Do you have Zoom LTI configured?

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Hello everyone - I am working on our Zoom integration, but have some questions. I am wondering if anyone has Zoom configured at their institution and won't mind providing me with some support? Specifically, I am looking to know what settings are being used to configure the LTI with your institution Zoom license. Every attempt I make to configured doesn't seem to allow me to call up a meeting from Canvas. Thank you!


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My name is Brendan and I'm a manager on the Customer Success team at Zoom. With respect to Canvas LTI integration this is something we've been working on improving in recent months and we're now putting the final touches on the associated documentation. We're happy to walk anyone through the process of the integration and have a few customers using it successfully. At a high level, the process involves setting up an Access Token with Canvas, sharing that information with Zoom (​ ), and then creating an external App within Canvas using the Key and Secret information from the LTI section of the Zoom Integration page (from the last step) and then using the following launch URL

I will see if I can get launching this new document prioritized to help the group and if there are any questions I'm happy to address them.

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