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For compositions, why are students sent messages that there are annotations when I use SpeedGrader?

I teach Spanish at community colleges in California. I just found out that when I grade the students' compositions with SpeedGrader, the students are repeatedly sent messages from Canvas that their "composition has a new annotation," or something like that. They told me that it is "creepy" to keep getting those messages while I was in the process of doing the grading, I can easily take 15-20 minutes to grade a whole composition, first highlighting in yellow the words that are problematic, then writing in blue what I suggest they write instead, then putting my editing codes in magenta. Who on earth thinks it is helpful for a student to see that bit by bit, or for them to be annoyed twenty times before their composition finally has a grade on it? It surprises me that anyone would think that this is a good idea. They should only be notified when a grade has been issued, don't you think? Could Canvas please stop doing this?

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I agree completely!  I have muted all grades and comments on Speed Grader, but the students still receive all the annotations as I make them.  I feel as if they can watch over my shoulder as I grade.  Please offer a fix, Canvas!


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Hi @areyes6,

You can postpone releasing grades for an assignment and when finished grading, release grades manually. I can't verify that postponing grade release also hides comments. Maybe someone else can chime in.

If students turn off their submission notifications, I wonder if that would apply to grading comments. 

Good luck!

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I would use the Hide/Post grade tool in Speedgrader or use a manual grading policy. 

How do I hide or post assignment grades in SpeedGrader?


Also: How do I add annotated comments in student submissions using DocViewer in SpeedGrader?

  • If an assignment is anonymously graded, students will not be able to view instructor annotations until the assignment is unmuted or assignment grades have been posted.
  • If students have enabled the Submission Comment notification, they will receive notifications when you add comments to their document. If annotation comments have been made anonymous, students receive notifications that do not include the name of the user who posted the comment. If the assignment has a manual posting policy, you may need to post grades and/or comments for students to receive a notification.

You could also show your students how to turn off the notifications. 

How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student?

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