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Gradebook Arrange By Date does not work

Hey Folks,

I am working with another teacher and we both have confirmed (while zooming) that our assignments are not in date order in the gradebook even after we choose Arrange By -> Due Date Oldest to Newest.  For both of us there are old assignments at the left side of the gradebook and at the right side of the gradebook.   Both of us are using only one assignment group, so that is not the problem.   I think this is a bug and it would be nice to see Canvas address this.

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PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!... This is a huge PITA 😕


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Same here

For me, it ALMOST arranged by date, BUT:

    -the first 10 weeks of the semester are in sequence

    -the most recent 2 weeks' worth of assignments are pushed way back "before" to the beginning of the semester



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Hi mrwnphs2, 

I would check the guide and make sure that your assignments have due dates as prescribed by the directions.  There are some exceptions to sorting by date. For example:

Assignments without due dates are considered to be new assignments.


  • Differentiated assignments with more than one due date that aren't assigned to everyone can only be sorted alphabetically.
  • If you arrange a gradebook with differentiated assignments by due date, the sort order will reset when you refresh the page.

From: How do I arrange columns in the Gradebook?


If you have your assignments in Modules, and the Modules are organized chronologically, you can sort the gradebook by Modules to get almost the same result. 


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My gradebook doesn't update the arrangement either.

It's quite annoying.

Please fix!

My example:  Every week, I pull the new modules to the top of the page so it is the first thing students see. Every week, I have to re-click arrange by modules, then pull the total to the front.  Couldn't this be automated in some way?

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Thanks gnoack,

I did notice those exceptions when I started to look more closely and play around with the assignment settings to see why some assignments would sort correctly by date and others wouldn't.

-In my case though, the assignments I'm having problems with all DO have due dates, and all ARE assigned to the whole class.

I appreciate your suggestion for a work-around using arrange "by module" (I've been using "by name Z-A" because it works for the naming conventions I'm using).

Still, I'd rather just have a functional sort-by-date feature.

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That sounds like a bug with the system then.  You should have your IT folks report it to Instructure. 

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I am having the same issue. I have checked all my due dates, and I have an assignment due 1/8 next to an assignment due 1/29 when there were other assignments in between them. They are not chronological at all. This needs to be fixed. There are times were we need to differentiate assignments and have to assign individuals to certain tasks. This is something that needs to be addressed on your end. Arranging by date should do just that...arrange all by due date regardless of who they are assigned to.