Grades view as total points NOT percent

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In my classes, grades are determined by a student's total points. For instance, an A is 1000 points. The percentage of possible points does not matter. You can have 1000 out of 1000 or 1000 out of 4000. It's the 1000 that matters. This means that the percentage score is meaningless.CANVAS automatically computes the percentage. I try to tell my students to ignore the percentage, but  it's really hard for them to do when the CANVAS app ONLY shows them the percentage and many students almost exclusively use the app to access CANVAS.

I can hide the total, but the total is really important (since it's their grade). Also, forcing them to compute it themselves would be just as confusing as the percentage being present. 

Is it possible to add a "do not show percentage" option to the CANVAS grades? 

Is it possible to have the app show grades in some way other than only as a percentage?