Grading discussions with the iPad Teacher app

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I enjoy using the Canvas Teacher app on my iPad to grade discussions. I find the swiping to be relaxing. However, it consistently won't load submissions for about 10-15% of the students. In a class of 120, after grading all of the posts I can see, I go back to the Home page and the To Do list shows there's still 15 or so ungraded. I tap that again, and it will allow me to grade 2 or 3 of those. Back at the To Do list again, the number decreases by the number I was allowed to grade, and I can repeat the process.

At this point I give up, grab my computer, and use that to grade the remaining posts. Are others experiencing this, and is there a way to get the iPad Teacher app to show the discussion submissions for all students in the class?

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I haven't experienced this, but that doesn't mean it's not happening for others. I would suggest you report this to your local Canvas support and they can investigate to see if a Canvas ticket it is needed. I'll keep an eye out for this issue, but wanted to give you a reply. 

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