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Graphing in Quizzes - Coordinate Plane

Hi there! I am starting the unit on functions and graphing. I mainly am focusing on ordered pairs, slope, intercepts, etc.  Is there a way to have students be able to complete an assignment in Quizzes or anything else in Canvas that would allow me to assess this skill? For example, a question would be to graph a line that goes through the point (1,2) and has a slope of 2. 



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You could embed something like KhanAcademy's practice: here and here in an iframe within canvas, and have students submit, as an assignment, screenshots of the site telling them the answer is correct. Since the questions are random, you can easily determine if students are sharing images. Also, they will have to practice until they get it right. They can obtain help, but if they do, they generally can't screenshot the "Way to go" without capturing part of the explanation. You could enforce images that capture white space under the graphs.