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Group assignments and grading

When Canvas assigns grades to all group members for a particular assignment, is ther ea way to override the grade for one student if that student does not participate?  When I have tried to enter a 0 for that student, Canvas changes all the other grades for students in the group to a 0.  If I change their grades back, then Canvas assigns ahat same grade to the student who has not participated.  I have 9 groups, each with 9-10 students and am hoping not to have to enter all the grades individually since I have another class that is even larger with more groups.  I like to be able to give them group assignments but the students and me are frustrated with this aspect of Canvas.


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Yes there is a way to do this.  You edit the assignment and there is a box to check that changes from assigning grades as a group to assigning them as individuals.  Check out the question discussion on best practices for grading group assignments.

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That worked!