Hotkeys for Speedgrader would help reduce Carpal Tunnel pain.

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I know this particular problem only impacts a small segment of people, but I would really like to see more hotkeys for speedgrader. Those of us with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome end up in a great deal of pain after every grading session in Canvas. It is extremely antagonistic to the median nerve to have to constantly switch back and forth from keyboard to mouse. Keyboard switch to next student, mouse click in grade, keyboard enter grade, mouse click in comments, keyboard type comment, mouse submit comment. This causes median nerve compression 6 times per student. For an instructor with 4 classes of 20 students that is repetitive nerve compression almost 500 times during a grading session, which inevitably leads to pain and having to wrist-splint that night. Something as simple as effective hotkeys would be a lifesaver to those of use who suffer from CTS. I know it's not an ADA accommodation, but it would certainly be a kind gesture from Canvas. 

Currently there are 5 shortcuts listed and most of them don't work for me. Ctrl J (which is supposed to go to next student) opens my download window in a browser, Ctrl K (previous student) opens my URL search bar, Ctrl C (add a comment), copies, Ctrl G (change grade) opens my "find on this page), and Ctrl R (rubric) reloads the page. So essentially none of the hotkeys work in speedgrader for me.    😞   

Does anyone else suffering from CTS have suggestions on what they do to ease this problem? Not using speedgrader? Hotkeys or settings I don't know about?