How can I (is it possible to) export student work from one Canvas shell to another?

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At our college we are just adopting Canvas, so I am a new user. At the same time, we are implementing a new assessment program (regime?) college-wide, and I have taken on the role of coordinating the English and writing programs' assessment efforts -- also new to me. So please excuse my unfamiliarity with both Canvas and assessment., I'm learning. 

The writing program would like to use a centrally-managed approach to assessment, in which assessment data is NOT gathered from professors assessing their own students' work (here is a discussion from Indiana University of the differences between what these authors call "embedded" and "centrally managed" assessment:

Instead, the writing program wants to collect a variety of student work (assignments submitted as files, quizzes, possibly collections of submitted files) from all sections of a given class into a single assessment shell where they can then be sampled, anonymized, and scored by a trained and normed team of readers. The student work would be retained indefinitely for future follow up studies. 

While I can find lots of advice / instruction about exporting course content in the sense of teacher-created content, I cannot find any information about exporting or sharing student work between canvas courses / sections /shells. 

I am aware of a couple of potential work-arounds:

1. make students responsible for logging in to the assessment shell and submitting the relevant work samples themselves

2. manually download student work to a local HD and then manually upload it to the assessment shell (could be done by individual teachers for their own students, or an administrative supporter)

We find both of these solutions to be less desirable than the ability to mass export a given assignment from individual instructor's sections to the assessment section. We are hoping that this is possible, or that there is some even better option. 

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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