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How can I pull a list of each user's contact information?

Is there a way to pull a list of each user's contact information including any additional contact methods the user has added? The user report only contains the default email address. I did not see anything in the Canvas Data schema that might support this. We have had a few users contact Canvas Support using an alternate email address. When the ticket is turned over to us, we don't know who the email address belongs to.  We would also like to have the information to cross-check our database records.   

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Check out the API example here: Canvas LMS REST API Documentation

I tried it with  right in my Chrome address bar.

This might be what you are looking for.

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Thank you!  The search string in the web browser will definitely help as mystery tickets come in.  I will look into the API documentation for pulling bulk data.

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Hmm, when I try this, I get:

while(1);{"status":"unauthorized","errors":[{"message":"user not authorized to perform that action"}]}

even when I'm logged in to our Canvas instance (I'm the Admin). I even tried going to doc/api/live and savng my access token, same result. What am I doing wrong? My URL was:

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 @fosterl ​, I am receiving the same error.

Try replacing the accounts/1/users with accounts/self/users

so the full API call would be

The documentation can be found here:

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Thank you.

Sabine Zabarovska

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Learning Management Systems Support Specialist