How do I batch update dates for announcements?

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I've copied my course over from a previous semester and was easily able to batch update assignment due dates. But, I cannot figure out how to batch update the release dates of my announcements. Am I stuck updating the release date of each announcement one at a time?




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Unfortunately, this is one of the issues with Canvas that Instructure needs to work on.  I don't know of a way to bulk edit announcement dates. You do have to edit the dates before the course is published or students may have access to them and may even get a notification. Outside of editing each announcement before the start of the semester, I have found two other solutions and neither are great. 

One option is to delete all of the announcements at the beginning of the semester, then copy and paste them back in from previous courses as needed.  I've found this is the easier for me as I don't always decide to use the same announcements each semester.

The other option is to open them all, change their publish date to a date after the course ends, then edit them as needed throughout the semester.  

(I said neither solution was great.)

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Hi, @henzeb , the idea conversation to which you'd want to add your comments and rating is  Bulk Editing Options for Announcements 

And yes: we're listening.  🙂 Canvas Announcements and Discussions share the same basic platform, and we're in the thick of an enhancement project for them. We hope you'll join the  Discussions/Announcements Redesign and participate in the discussions and product managers' requests for feedback there.

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