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How do I hide grades but not submission comments

I have a small "honors seminar" coming up, and I want to experiment with "ungrading" which means - in terms of Canvas - not showing students their grades. I know how to hide all grades by default, but I don't want to hide feedback. I want students to see when an assignment is missing or late, and to see my feedback to them when they do turn something in, but not to see the "grade" that the assignment has at any time.

How do I accomplish this?

I am fully aware that it is likely impossible. Previous experience with Canvas tells me that a new shiny toy that they want to see pushed to make it look like they're making improvements gets prioritizes, but features that actual teachers want to do their actual jobs don't get a look in.

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There are a few ways to accomplish this depending on the settings your Canvas admin has in place at your school.

1) Use the manual grade posting policy to hide all grades from students by default until you choose to show them (or not show them). Instructions:

2) Try out the Learning Mastery Gradebook. This requires a little bit more set-up on the back end, but it is meant to indicate mastery of concepts rather than a letter grade associated with an assignment. If you have time to explore this with a Canvas admin at your school it might meet your needs. 

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Looks like the alternative gradebook isn't an option for me. Even if it were, could I leave individualized feedback? And since it's not, how do I accomplish it in the "New" gradebook?