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How often Must I integrate an app like flipgrid in assignments?

Hello all, I am a 7th-grade teacher in San Antonio, Tx and we are new to Canvas. I was wondering if I have to integrate an app like flipgrid or edpuzzle every time I create an assignment? I seem to create a new assignment after I have integrated flipgrid once and get an error, as well as edpuzzle. I would appreciate the help thank you so much. 

Tony Herrera

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I do not use either of those tools, however you can add them as an app to use in assignments!

1. click a course.

2. click on the settings tab at the bottom left of the screen

3. click on the "apps" tab at the top of your screen

Type flipgrid or edpuzzle in the search bar and enter your login information to add it to your apps.

When you go into an assignment you can access the "apps" by clicking on the blue "v" in the toolbar and choosing the app you would like to use. I added a picture to show where the blue "v" is when editing an assignment!

I hope this is helpful!

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 8.24.23 PM.png


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I’ve found that I have to make an assignment first then open the assignment and tell it to use “external tool” as the submission method. Then I pick EdPuzzle or whatever external tool I’m using, link the assignment, click “select” and then fill out the rest of the info for the assignment.

Have you tried using Studio for student videos? It worked really well for my student’s Getting to Know Me assignments the first week of school. I’m planning on using it again next week for students who fail a quiz.

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Well first you would want to get ahold of the Developer of the app you want to integrate with your appBest Paintball Sniper Rifle 2020 You would want to sign a NDA with the Developer, after it is signed be clear about your intentions and request a license deal, this way you could develop it into one application.