How to set DATE/TIME inside Turnitin?

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Hi All,

If we have Turitin within our Assignment, then whcih Date/Time fuction should we use? Since both Assignment and Turitin itself have these functions.


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Hi, Kona and Quan! If your Canvas admin has the Turnitin LTI app set up like the example in Canvas and Turnitin​, the dates will sync from Canvas to Turnitin by using the custom field in the LTI tool to set up date syncing.

If the date syncing is not set up, then you must manually set dates in both Canvas and Turnitin. Keep in mind, though, that if you set an "available until" date in Canvas that students will not be able to access Turnitin for the assignment after that date, which will cut them off from seeing originality reports and grading in Turnitin.

If the date syncing is not set up, you may wish to contact your local Canvas admin and ask her to read Canvas and Turnitin​.

I hope that helps!

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