Introducing February Webinars on Turnitin Feedback Studio and a New Path for Turnitin

On behalf of the global Turnitin team, I’d like to thank all educators for staying strong in 2020. 💙  Your hard work and dedication to ensuring the success of your students have not gone unnoticed.

COVID-19 has placed immense pressure on you and we want to remind you to take care of yourselves in 2021.

We at Turnitin support education and learning around the globe by developing technologies for assessment, grading, and detection of any type of academic misconduct. To ensure the integrity of global education and meaningfully improve learning outcomes we produce helpful resources for instructors and students. Webinars, articles, eBooks, training sessions, infographics are just some of the resources you may find on our website.

To provide support and inspiration to the educational community, I am sharing some resources and upcoming events in this group. By checking them out you will learn more about assessment with integrity and discover how Turnitin products may assist you.

Some of our recent news and useful materials:

  • Introducing a New Path and Purpose for Turnitin

Turnitin empowers students to do their best, original work across all subjects and assessment types. With a nod to our legacy and a vision for the future, we mark this next phase with a broader purpose and evolved brand identity. Learn about the evolution of our brand, values, and mission here

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  • Guide to Delivering Remote Assessments with Integrity

Educator effectiveness and student learning depend on the integrity of exam design and delivery. Identify and address common remote assessment challenges with guidance from Turnitin.

Learn about the most common academic integrity challenges and the assessment delivery best practices that can mitigate them. Download the free infographic and eBook here

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  • Turnitin Feedback Studio VidBITs

Our pedagogy and product experts here at Turnitin have partnered to make VidBITs (Video Best Instructional Tips) that will make teaching remotely with Feedback Studio even easier. These quick, 2-3 minute clips highlight essential features, effective shortcuts, and helpful feedback tools. Watch at any time as a way to review a useful best practice or to uplevel your Feedback Studio usage as you support student learning online.



  • February Webinars on Turnitin Feedback Studio

Topic: Advanced Features of Feedback Studio

Description: This session we will review how to use advanced features of Turnitin Feedback Studio to support the writing process, specifically the calendar, portfolio, available quantitative data and the reflection, PeerMark and revision activities.

Time: Feb 11, 2021 03:00 PM in Mexico City


Topic: Turnitin Feedback Studio: Interpretation of the Similarity Report and Use of the Feedback Tools

Description: In this session, participants will review how to interpret the Similarity Report to determine if a document has plagiarism and how to use key feedback features to support the development of writing skills.

Time: Feb 12, 2021, 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Topic: Turnitin Feedback Studio for Students

Description: In this session, participants will review how to interpret the Similarity Report.

Time: Feb 24, 2021, 03:00 PM in Mexico City


These are just some of the resources we have. Find more of them on our website and blog. In case you need some extra product details, please send me a message. 

Take care and let me know if I can be of any assistance.