Is Canvas Data Always Updated?

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I have had this question only answered to a degree and not fully. Simply, Park University needs to know if the data coming in through the Canvas App (or any other device) is safely landing within the Canvas Data, which means the resulting data (submissions, discussions, conversations, page views) can all be seen 100% [within reason] no matter how any activity enters in through the Canvas entry points (desktop, phone, iPad, Android, etc.).

  1. Can we count 100% that there is nothing blocking Canvas Data from getting updated throughout all of the various ways data can actively go through the many Canvas ways of entry?
  2. We also need to know our data is landing safely and can be retrieved via the API.

I hope someone can verify both of these things, who either works for Instructure or has their expertise glued to the ground on this. I understand sometimes data gets lost, so nothing's perfect. This isn't that sort of question.

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