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JupyterHub and Canvas Intergration

A big Hi to all the Instructors of Canvas Community, Here I want to ask a help about Integrating Jupyterhub with Canvas.

I want to Integrate Jupyterhub with Canvas to create assignments for my students.

 I have been trying it soo long but I Couldn't.

I'm getting 405 : Method Not Allowed   like below while Launching my Jupyterhub with ip address Url .


Note :  What is Jupyterhub?

It is a cloud environment where students can create their own Jupyter notebooks. You can learn in detail Here .

Welcoming your Contributions to make this happen.

Thank You....

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello once again, @manoj_kumar ...

I know you and I had a short conversation over at Is there any possibility to integrate Jupyterhub w... - Canvas Community.  I'm not too sure how many people here in the Canvas Community would be able to help out with your question.  There may be some folks who have used JupyterHub, but I am not sure how many folks that would be.  In addition to that GitHub site that you and I discussed in the other thread, have you tried reaching out to the folks at JupyterHub?  That's where I would start if I were you...because it is their integration.  They may have some troubleshooting steps for you to try in order to get things to work on your end.

Certainly come back to this thread once you have reached out to them to provide an update so that we can learn what was done to, hopefully,  get this resolved.