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For all you that have the Kaltura LTI tool, do you know if it is possible to turn on playlist creation in My Media or Media Gallery? I have been trying a bunch of different combinations of settings in the KAF but nothing seems to work. I saw here: https://kb.wisc.edu/uwmadkaltura/page.php?id=63003  that they seem to be using multiple media Galleries so I was wondering if that was a possibility as well. We are having an issue when using tabs in a page with multiple videos. If you do not let the page load completely and wait for all the Kaltura CDN content to load when you go to the tab with the videos they randomly say Access Denied.

If we place them in playlists the performance of the page improves greatly but we have to create the playlist ourselves and embed it into the page. We want to allow our faculty to create their own playlists but so far I haven't found the right settings on the decoder ring to unlock the secret Smiley Happy



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I figured it out with a hint from Kaltura Customer Care

Here is the procedures

Enable playlists in the Kaltura Media Gallery


To easily use Kaltura playlists in Canvas you can enable them through the KAF (Kaltura Application Framework). You will also need some information about the playlist player from the KMC (Kaltura Management Console).

Get playlist player information

  1. Login to the KMC at http://www.kaltura.com/kmchttps://www.kaltura.com/kmc
  2. Click Studio.
  3. Locate the player in the list and click the name of the player.
  4. In the Basic Display page, copy the Player's ID and paste it in a document for later.
  5. In Player Dimensions, copy the Width and Height, and paste it in to the document used in the previous step.
  6. Logout of the KMC.

Enable channel playlists

  1. Login to your KAF at https://{partner_id}.kaf.kaltura.com/admin.
  2. In the Modules list, click Channelplaylists.
  3. In the enabled list, click Yes.
  4. Click Save.

Enable playlist embedding

  1. In the Modules list, click Embedplaylist.
  2. In the enabled list, click Yes.
  3. In the secureEmbed list, click Yes.
  4. Click Save.

Define the playlist skin

  1. Under embedSkins, paste the player id into the appropriate player skin box. You can follow the same convention with the separate dark/light vertial/horizontal if you have multiple versions of your playlist players.

Define the playlist skin V2

  1. In the embedV2support list, click Yes.
  2. Under embedv2, paste the player id into the V2_dark_horizontal or V2_dark_vertical.
  3. Click Save.

In a Canvas course, go to the Media Gallery, click Actions, and then click Edit.

There is a playlists tab there now that you can create playlists. Once you have created and saved a playlist you can click the embed button to see the embed code to copy and paste into the HTML view of the RCE.

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