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Kami and allowing other types of submissions???

Hi Everyone! 

The easiest way to use Kami with Canvas is to use the external tools under submission types. The kids can just press "Load in a new window" and the assignment opens up, allows them to use Kami tools to complete, and then they click submit and viola done! Right? BUT HERE IS MY PROBLEM: 

I teach middle school at some students prefer to submit on paper. But if I click on external tools submission, NO OTHER SUBMISSION TYPES are allowed.. students cannot attach files or anything. They cannot even make comments. This never happened with Schoology so I have no clue how to solve this. 

Help! And thank you! 

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I wish this wasn't an issue but this is what I have done. I leave instructions for students who wish to upload a file or print and send a scan of their work to just attach that to a message to my canvas inbox. It's not ideal but the majority of my students use Kami (when it is working but that's another issue) and so I only have 10 or so "inbox attachment" submissions. 

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I get this same question from our teachers.  Their workarounds include accepting email submissions, or putting the submission in a comment in the assignment.  We'd like to see multiple submission types when external tool is used.